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About Us

DN Cleaning & Services is one of the leading cleaning services provider in Penang, Malaysia. Being experienced in the cleaning industry, we understand the clients’ concern and also the services you are looking for. Hence, we are dedicated to provide reliable and convenient cleaning services to our clients.

We also pay extra care at the process, especially the mutual communication between our workers and clients. With the core purpose to help our client to lessen their burden at managing business, we ensure that our services are totally hassle-free to you.

We have been serving clients from different industry and provide multiple services as per their preferences. Our reliability comes in with our responsibility at work, treating every client sincerely and looking forward to solve your cleaning issues.

We are capable and experienced in this cleaning services industry.
Think of Services, Think of DN. 

To be the leading cleaning services provider that emphasize the mutual relationship between employers and workers.

Maintain personnel service quality
Satisfy clients’ needs
Lessen clients’ burden
Provide hassle free solutions
Solve problem for clients 

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